Nets defense needs work; talks Harden, Kyrie & KD as a unit - Broussard | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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First Things First

19 күн мурун

Chris Broussard and Antoine Walker break down the Brooklyn Nets 24-point comeback and gauge the stability of the team. Broussard is a bit concerned that James Harden, Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant have barely played all together as a unit and continues to mention the need for improvement on defense.
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Nets defense needs work; talks Harden, Kyrie & KD as a unit - Broussard | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First

First Things First
First Things First 19 күн мурун
Do James Harden, Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant need to improve the defense despite their win over the Suns?
Captain Dumbell
Captain Dumbell 18 күн мурун
TK Alphonzo
TK Alphonzo 18 күн мурун
Big time...
Bryan Narvaez
Bryan Narvaez 14 күн мурун
69 hahahaha... please end my suffer
Karthick V
Karthick V 18 күн мурун
Getting hanger by seeing this kind of videos
ken juan
ken juan 18 күн мурун
The defense they played against the Bucks (although this was pre-Harden), Clippers and Suns is promising...they'll never be a great defensive team but as long as they are decent enough their offense can always carry seems they don't take scrub teams seriously.
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 18 күн мурун
Honestly I’d trade kyrie if I could get a dominant big in return
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
That's the key, if the Nets wanted to be cold blooded but smart they'd move Kyrie. It'd probably never happen but man I would love it if they did.
Solomon's Tech
Solomon's Tech 18 күн мурун
James Harden is playing the best basketball of his career. He is getting his teammates involved while scoring. I love it
Tjay 18 күн мурун
@XxXSiLeNtKiLL3RXxX both of them didn’t play last night and he still had 11 assists. pipe down little kid
XxXSiLeNtKiLL3RXxX 18 күн мурун
Must be soooooo hard to get assist with KD & Kyrie as teammates lmaooooo.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 18 күн мурун
biggest takeaway is that they need depth badly. that bad depth on defense is gonna haunt them if they don't fix it
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
They traded everything they could possibly trade for Harden, only piece left is Kyrie.
Edis Delgado
Edis Delgado 18 күн мурун
Brussard sounds exactly like last year with the clippers 😂
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
Tripping hard off that nets coco
Russell Bradwell
Russell Bradwell 18 күн мурун
At the end of the day they won't carry a team like LeBron does give me LeBron all day. In a league of salary cap. He is a no brainer.
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
@pimk MJ won alone. Never missed a shot and won a chip every year he was in the league. MJ Fanatics Anyone who isn't as good as Michael Jordan is terribullll Charles Barkley
pimk 18 күн мурун
@Russell Bradwell Lebron also hasn’t won anything without the players listed above. See how that works? No one wins alone.
Russell Bradwell
Russell Bradwell 18 күн мурун
@Dilwale cricket all perception. What are they all doing now since he needed them. None of them been anywhere since. He makes teams better.
Dilwale cricket
Dilwale cricket 18 күн мурун
Sure he does carry teams full of stars and above average role players Kyrie Love Wade Bosh AD The all stars all pro players LBJ have played with and not counting many role players like ray allen. When he wins it's all lbj and when he doesn't than he don't have help m. We will see this year hopefully everyone stays healthy and we as fans get great 7 games series
Bill Pap.
Bill Pap. 18 күн мурун
Hot take: If Lebron somehow beats this team in the Finals he's the GOAT. Yes...over Michael Jordan.
BAC494 18 күн мурун
Only if he does it without AD
caper087 18 күн мурун
Lol golden state was better then this team
War Tape
War Tape 18 күн мурун
@Brent T ur goat don’t matter. Only matter about the goat not your goat. My kids goat is tray young
Brent T
Brent T 18 күн мурун
He will be my goat if he wins another chip and finals mvp
NoLimit Kha
NoLimit Kha 18 күн мурун
No doubt
Chris M
Chris M 18 күн мурун
Where is nick wright ?
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
Nick Wright hasn't had a day off in.a year minus I think Christmas, he pulled double duty last week, 2 hours on FTF then another 3 on The Herd. He is getting much better at solo hosting then he used to be.
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe 18 күн мурун
Hopefully in a well earned vacation after having to do two shows for a couple weeks
Bill Pap.
Bill Pap. 18 күн мурун
They signed Andre Roberson, that's what I've been saying ever since the Harden trade. He can come in, play 15 or so minutes and just play good to great defense.
Omar Passmore
Omar Passmore 18 күн мурун
Is this confirmed ? I've been saying this too
Kaleb Turrentine
Kaleb Turrentine 18 күн мурун
I agree, but I also worry about Roberson’s shooting ability. Other teams could just double one of our stars and leave Roberson wide open to shoot. Nash needs to make sure that our offense moves the ball more when Roberson is on the floor to get out of double teams.
Hunter Friend
Hunter Friend 18 күн мурун
Where tf is nick
Dwayne jackson
Dwayne jackson 18 күн мурун
Had to turn this off once I heard Brandon voice
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
I think they regular cast is off this week
Chosen Two
Chosen Two 18 күн мурун
Antoine needs to take that TV money and get him a personal trainer
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 18 күн мурун
Hard to need defense when you score 150 a game lol.
Wasif Zulkernine
Wasif Zulkernine 18 күн мурун
nick chris and gilbert arenas would be sooooooooo fire. nick and gil could have real basketball conversations while having a great personality dynamic
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
Why do you tease me with great ideas that will never happen? During nfl season we keep BM ,during nba we switch him for GA.
S H 18 күн мурун
They play defense when they need to. They've shown that
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
I am a huge LBJ fan but I would love to see Philly Nets 7 games, LAC LAL 7 games Then Clippers Nets for the finals
R B 18 күн мурун
@Gilgamesh the clippers don’t have 3 superstars
Gilgamesh 18 күн мурун
"They play well when they need to" sounds exactly like what people said about the Clippers last year.
James Smith
James Smith 18 күн мурун
Clippers had defensive stoppers-though even with stars not playing together didn’t win ring.
Israel 18 күн мурун
Come on man I’m so tired of these sport shows talking about the same thing “NeTs DeFeNsE iS a PrObLeM” tell me something I don’t know. Talk about the Utah Jazz dominating, talk about the bucks 4 game lose streak, talk about Anthony edwards, talk about Dames 4th quarters this season, talk about Jokic not missing come on man
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
Nets is the sexy story so they play to the hits. Sorry no Utah breakdown, or why Bucks took a step back this regular season. Nets win they will win a chip, Nets lose that defense will get them bounced in the 2nd round
JEMO craft
JEMO craft 18 күн мурун
you couldnt've said it better. and its even more annoying when guys go on different shows and say the exact same thing over and over again!
Armando Hernández
Armando Hernández 18 күн мурун
Facts man. So many storylines but they always talk about the same thing
DJ Ricksta Reaction
DJ Ricksta Reaction 19 күн мурун
Naw not at all u got 3 dudes who can go off for 50 any night nobody in the league can score enough in the 4th quarter to beat em
Kruppt808 18 күн мурун
Warriors had balance, great ball movement , top 5 offense and Def
Bill Pap.
Bill Pap. 18 күн мурун
@Michael Scofield that's such a lame point
DJ Ricksta Reaction
DJ Ricksta Reaction 18 күн мурун
@Stone if u wanna be truthful they got more offense than the warriors had lol that's why everybody hating lol
Stone 18 күн мурун
@Michael Scofield It's the regular season and all three have played together for just 7 games. Watch them run through everyone come playoffs time. They're too stacked man.
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 18 күн мурун
So why aren’t they undefeated?
BLACK TALK TODAY 19 күн мурун
Dam they won even when they win they get hated on
MR E 18 күн мурун
@Stone exactly especially in today's game they can still win the chip with their glaring flaw.
Stone 18 күн мурун
The media is just trying to make the league seem competitive so their ratings don't tank. We all know none of the Nets "weaknesses" really matter when they're that stacked and can put up 130 points every night.
Stone 19 күн мурун
It's over folks. The Nets are simply too stacked and too good. The only team with a hair of a chance of beating them in the playoffs is a healthy Lakers squad.
Felix Edwards
Felix Edwards 18 күн мурун
Blame lbj ...remember just a year ago he tried to get Kawhi on his team 🤷🏾‍♂️
Stone 18 күн мурун
@Josh Loach I don't see it either tbh, but I trust LeBron to figure something out and make it interesting. I really hate these superteams tho. After KD left the Warriors and Kawhi went to the Clippers I really thought we were returning to the era of two superstars surrounded by complimentary pieces. The Nets just had to ruin the league again. Smh
Josh Loach
Josh Loach 18 күн мурун
And i dont see them beating the Nets
Jonny Boy
Jonny Boy 19 күн мурун
Saw dis earlier on a plug channel and this team needs to play together more but I get a way different feeling from them than what I did with the clippers. They feel more together already and determined to prove something rather than the clippers who wanted to just cakewalk to the chip. Hence that’s why the Nets are 10-1 against teams above .500
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