Big Bear
Big Bear 42 мүнөт мурун
I'd take Baker and O'Dell for Aaron and Davante or Russ and DK
Mehdi Pakfetrat
Mehdi Pakfetrat 59 мүнөт мурун
So these casuals forgot about royce o neal?
Tre Brooks
Tre Brooks Саат мурун
"PGs shot blinding one of the kids watching from a distance "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer Саат мурун
rell_5000 Саат мурун
The fact people used the Suns series against Kobe without providing context was always crazy. Kobe took Luke, Smush and Kwame to 7 games against the 1 seed, Nick's acting like they were favorites to win or something. It's actually one of his great accomplishments to even make that a series!
Elyjah Lyons
Elyjah Lyons 2 саат мурун
Why do these people keep acting like Anthony Davis played out of his mind every game in the bubble. He had a few games like this in the FINALS. Let alone the rest of the playoffs. As long as lebron is back, there’s no reason to be anything other than confident.
Granpa OCE
Granpa OCE 3 саат мурун
this idiot not see what the going to work pistons beat ? the lakers team they had
Clement Decker
Clement Decker 3 саат мурун
Not seeing much Brandon Marshall slander anymore...
EarthgangSuperfan Spildreamville
EarthgangSuperfan Spildreamville 3 саат мурун
Love Russ but he’s not better than A.I
Chris Rains
Chris Rains 4 саат мурун
40 ppg is too low! He averaged 37.1 ppg in 1986-87. Now clear out the lane with a 4 out offense, let him shoot more 3's a game like everyone else and remove handchecking and yeah he's going for well over 40ppg.
raysschoko 4 саат мурун
Trade Rodgers for 1 or 2 First Round Picks! Tarde for Watson for 1 or 2 First round Picks!
Callisto 405
Callisto 405 5 саат мурун
I a Cleveland fan my whole life but I'm rooting for the man I use to hate
apothe6 5 саат мурун
Cannot wait to see Steph light people up
Andrew Kullen
Andrew Kullen 5 саат мурун
Loveeeeee Miles’s sarcasms Lol 51-1 whattttttttt are we gonna dooooooooo???? Lol
Vbadger10 6 саат мурун
It’s amazing how much the media disrespects Wiggins. Nick acting like Wiggins hasn’t been good or consistent this year. The guy is giving you 18-20 points on good efficiency and all nba defense. Wiggs contract is what it is but acting like he’s been some bad inefficient player this year in just wrong
Craig Stephen
Craig Stephen 6 саат мурун
Brandon is an automatic fast forward
HTHAMMACK1 6 саат мурун
He's a Trump lover. Stupidity is in his veins.
sandman1008 6 саат мурун
This isn't last year. Nick needs to stop clinging to last year as if it's any indication of what will happen this year. Every team is different. And one thing that has been true this year and last year is the Clippers play harder when it's against the Lakers. They have a tendency to slip up (or choke a 3-1 lead) against other teams, but when they face the Lakers, they go all out. If LeBron and AD are healthy, I still favor the Lakers. But the Clips are their biggest threat. So, I agree with Broussard. The Lakers would be better off in the play-in, and avoiding the Clips until the WCF, or even hoping the Clips get eliminated before facing them (like last season). But even facing them in the WCF isn't so bad because they would have had time to shake of the rust. Playing the Clips in the 1st round while still shaking off rust could make that series very tough.
Mathieu Laforest
Mathieu Laforest 6 саат мурун
Steph Curry is the real MVP. Stop this nonsense
Stan Kisilitsa
Stan Kisilitsa 6 саат мурун
How does Brandon argue with himself in the same segment
Hezekyah Israel
Hezekyah Israel 7 саат мурун
When we say Dwade and AD are bias because their from Chicago it’s true. They likely saw MJ play in person and sees or saw Lebron play. Now children are impressionable more than adults but they practice moves MJ did, they do the moves Lebron does. Real recognize real; so Lebron is..??🤷🏼‍♀️
Philip Champion
Philip Champion 7 саат мурун
Does anyone else notice that Broussard and Nick be arguing a lot lately? They used to be really cool with each other. What suddenly changed?!
Hezekyah Israel
Hezekyah Israel 7 саат мурун
Nick is a hypocrite Lebron has 4 Championships in 20 yrs Jordan has 6 in less than 20 yrs. end of discussion. Players looked Lebron in the face and beat him in the Finals. DWade also said MJ is the goat. 🎤
xFlow777 7 саат мурун
dodge coin looool
Eujoung Kim
Eujoung Kim 7 саат мурун
I think signing Tim Tebow is similar to the story Pat McAfee told about Cory Redding on the Colts. Sometimes coaches brings in "their" guys to relay messages and help the coach understand the heartbeat of the team. Sort of like an internal spy.
TrapCity Media
TrapCity Media 8 саат мурун
AD stands for always damaged
Jonathan James-Patterson
Jonathan James-Patterson 8 саат мурун
Imagine that, the scariest team in the west could possibly be a healthy 6-8 seed.
will liam
will liam 8 саат мурун
Wiles made the best point again
Arnold Celaya
Arnold Celaya 8 саат мурун
This show is so anti Warriors.... They keep talking about the scoring, but the Dubs are a really good defensive team. Keep sleeping and disrespecting the Warriors, it's what this show does best.
Dayne B
Dayne B 9 саат мурун
Brendan starts talking at 5:12… you’re welcome.
Dennis dark Knight stamp
Dennis dark Knight stamp 9 саат мурун
Talk bout it nick defense wins championships
john tate
john tate 9 саат мурун
Broussard is painting the narrative that all his takes are correct! Shut it Broussard. 80 percent of your takes sucks
Zeek Hanks
Zeek Hanks 9 саат мурун
Brandon Marshall finally got the memo no one wants his basketball opinion.
Connor McGuire
Connor McGuire 10 саат мурун
Nick talking about a 4.7 40 yard dash like he wasn't taking journalism in college and probably ran closer to 6 seconds LMFAO BUM
HulkSmash 10 саат мурун
Wiggins 4th option?? What?? Lmao he's literally the 2nd option
JersiiL0v3 10 саат мурун
Tebow got my shine to when the Jags had a lead against the Pats in the 4th quarter n 2017 AFC championship game 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DET_TRE 10 саат мурун
So AD struggled 🤣🤣🤣 I guess Brandon didn’t watch him get tripled and watched the Knicks pack the paint lol Jesus Christ why do they have this guy on tv 🤣🤣
Kessler Mallory
Kessler Mallory 10 саат мурун
How does Brandon constantly come up with these terrible takes, if I hear his voice I can guarantee that he will say some bs
Ab Ali
Ab Ali 10 саат мурун
I pray for the Palestinian people 🙏.
Jakey thasnakey
Jakey thasnakey 10 саат мурун
I love how Chris just throws Nick under the bus everytime he gives his take even tho Nick never said Lebron is playing with Bums ??? lol
drumovergun 10 саат мурун
Can we just skip Brandon’s takes ?
Vince 10 саат мурун
Get him Broussard!!! Talk some sense into this 🤡 he is just trying to get relevant even though he never has been...
Desmond Addison
Desmond Addison 10 саат мурун
Brandon is an idiot
Azimarx 10 саат мурун
Changing the vid once Brandon starts talking smh
Jeff Miles
Jeff Miles 10 саат мурун
If it weren’t for analytics then coaches/players still wouldn’t be able to grasp the simple concept of the 3 point shot being more valuable than the 2. I mean nobody on this panel has played professional basketball either lol so we’re all just watching and speculating
Desmond Addison
Desmond Addison 10 саат мурун
THT better playmaker than Caruso out some respect on the boy name