Shahram Sareminouri
Shahram Sareminouri 12 саат мурун
Lakers are finished
edgar arcos
edgar arcos 16 саат мурун
Broussard and Nick are trolling to entertain us. The other 3 don't contribute much.
yamamancha 16 саат мурун
Fun fact: Steelers have no losing seasons with Ben.
Marc garcia
Marc garcia 16 саат мурун
Nick Right is smoking something
TheRantGuyYeazy 17 саат мурун
The disrespect to my miami heat
Tang Sect Tv
Tang Sect Tv 18 саат мурун
yeah.. antoine walkers fat couldnt even compete with chucks and oneal.😂 you talk about competing? LOL. low class nba analyst.
Willardth Smith
Willardth Smith 18 саат мурун
Sonics would have beat that okc team.
Ricardo Thomas
Ricardo Thomas 18 саат мурун
Nick wright in love with lebron genital. Nick said lebron is longer bigger faster stronger more durable. Long nose nick wright love all bbc.
B Smoove
B Smoove 19 саат мурун
Lebron better team player, Jordan better individual player, both are the GOAT
Collis Cooper
Collis Cooper 19 саат мурун
Okay y'all its different eras.... That's the only way shut someone up about this.
Jermaine Ogarro
Jermaine Ogarro 20 саат мурун
This clown talking about 9 games in Houston u serious
Heraclitean 20 саат мурун
How does giving the Jazz more motivation help Lebron?
EYEwatch 2see
EYEwatch 2see 20 саат мурун
the *real question* > if AD wasnt injury prone AND was playing *without Lebron* on his team ... could Lakers win the west "or" the finals > NO
Zachary Klinger
Zachary Klinger 21 саат мурун
What other option do they have? Dwayne Haskins needs to learn under an experienced qb.
Mary Robinson
Mary Robinson 21 саат мурун
We got Mchomes watch!
Calvin Kindell
Calvin Kindell 21 саат мурун
I literally just read an article of Antoine Walker saying they cant win with Harden's style of play..its not just Giannis & Embiid..its Tobias Harris Ben Simmons Dru holiday Khriss Middleton ALL two way players who can drop 30 on you any given night..so no im not sold on brooklyn being title favorites...
MoMoneyLessProblems 21 саат мурун
MVP race = Joel > Giannis > > > LeBron
Steve M
Steve M 22 саат мурун
If you don't help bring 7 consecutive titles to the losing organization that drafted you, then you are NOT part of the goat conversation. LeFraud made a "Decision" to exclude himself forever if 6 Horrible FInals losses wasn't convincing enough.
Antonio Ojeda
Antonio Ojeda 23 саат мурун
Switch giannis for Kawhi and the starting line ups would literally be west vs east 😂😂😂😂
EYEwatch 2see
EYEwatch 2see Күн мурун
there's been A LOT of all time greats (first seed) that were picked LAST .... this aint the first time NOR will it be the last time
DaReal Fredo
DaReal Fredo Күн мурун
Can we go bak to cutting Brandon Marshall’s segments wen talkin about the NBA
EYEwatch 2see
EYEwatch 2see Күн мурун
Kevin Durant didn't pick a Utah Jazz player until he had no other choice AT THE END with only 2 Jazz players left ... why is the focus on LEBRON not picking one *and* why is lebron getting "accused" of playing mind games while KD gets "excused" of any wrong doing ... (double standards)
Wes Krave
Wes Krave Күн мурун
Brandon has the worst takes, I’m ready for someone new
Christopher Renshaw
Christopher Renshaw Күн мурун
Kobe is better 5 rings case closed
David Guerrero
David Guerrero Күн мурун
3 international players in LeBron's starting 5 👊🏼✋🏼🎤
CS Local
CS Local Күн мурун
😂 man was 💯 Brady is the patriots way Bellicheat was a loser before Tom Brady and this season proves he still a loser. Appearance says a lot and Bill looks like a bum!
wengz2002 Ponkz
wengz2002 Ponkz Күн мурун
I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Q bench Lebron in the 4th Qtr!
wengz2002 Ponkz
wengz2002 Ponkz Күн мурун
I would be surprised if Coach Q bench Lebron in the 4th Qtr!
hoops4life Күн мурун
Nick is pathetic such a hater. Go Jazz! Kansas city is no better than Salt Lake City you can shut up now 👍
Death Reaper
Death Reaper Күн мурун
How Tf is Russ not on this yet w how the wizards have been playing recently ?
Maltfusion Күн мурун
Totally makes sense to replace QB that went 9-3 last year with 24TD/6INT and 74 QBR that knows the Payton system in and out.
SIR T Күн мурун
Only 5M pay cut, you release injury prone ben for alot more cap so the Steeler Nation wins Superbowl with the QBS already on the team. 3 years in a row and no victory with injury prone ben!🇺🇸👍🏿
Kristain Warren
Kristain Warren Күн мурун
They brought Brandon on this show to have an opposite of nick they both talk crazy terrible black and white Undisputed First take Jalen&Jacoby First thing First 🥱🥱🥱🥱
djBADUY Күн мурун
nick still wrong....
Lacy Coleman
Lacy Coleman Күн мурун
Do they actually look at the rosters? Kd has size and buckets. Bron has mostly scoring.
joel britton
joel britton Күн мурун
Nick wright has the most punch able face ever
Jacob Kendrick
Jacob Kendrick Күн мурун
Is Chris serious? Who has won the mvp over the last several seasons that didn’t come up short in playoffs. MVP is ABSOLUTELY a regular season award, tho it shouldn’t be in my opinion.
Fredrick Meredith
Fredrick Meredith Күн мурун
The Jazz are a fun team to watch.
Riot Ninja
Riot Ninja Күн мурун
“What happened the second half of the season?” Who is this man? For one he was 11-0. 11 games was well past halfway through the season. And the games he barely lost, aka the injured defense lost, were all playoff teams.
Lawrence Holst
Lawrence Holst Күн мурун
Remember opinion is like behinds every one has one
Rob Migilil
Rob Migilil Күн мурун
I’m glad I WATCHED 👀 the video. They switched up Chris’ words real quick in the title.......
Michael Parker
Michael Parker Күн мурун
Chris cte carter
Jared Purcell
Jared Purcell Күн мурун
He isnt even the best center in the game
Slim Weeper
Slim Weeper Күн мурун
Durant too high, curry, dame over harden
Luciid Күн мурун
Kd has the better team tbh
easyb Күн мурун
This was a mistake by Pittsburgh to send him back his arm is definitely gone but we’ll see what happens next year but I do not have high hopes for him.
Eric Carvelli
Eric Carvelli Күн мурун
Somebody needs to ask Nick Wright if he remembers in 2018 the championship game where LeBron James quit for the second time on the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers??? He gave up in that series, and gave up on the fans because he already knew in his mind that that offseason he was going to leave Cleveland and go somewhere else... but I guarantee you Nick Wright will never say anything about that because he never says anything about LeBron James....
Lucy Күн мурун
It allows you to push yourself to compete against CNN and others.
Lucy Күн мурун
He's incapable of standing out from all the requirements.
Good Playlists
Good Playlists Күн мурун
Bronsexuals are roiding out in the comments 😁 I guess you can’t understand differences of opinion. 😄
Brownieboy 17720
Brownieboy 17720 Күн мурун
I dont care if you think lebrons the goat... but you have to agree that he tries to hard to convince the younger croud that he is what others will say he is not
Ryan Mirdadian
Ryan Mirdadian Күн мурун
Lebron got more mvps and champions, his team going to win in my opinion
Tatenda Tanyanyiwa
Tatenda Tanyanyiwa Күн мурун
Lebron is a better drafter than Jordan based on Lebron picking from a pool of nba all stars, weak take sir.
Jason Avery
Jason Avery Күн мурун
Forget MJ. I’d take Prime Bird over LeBron.
Delfin Q. Bangate
Delfin Q. Bangate Күн мурун
I learned something from another youtuber, cost and performance. Overpay less performance.
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu Күн мурун
Lbj is still the best player in basketball overall by a large margin but I still think when AD is 100 percent healthy he’s the best two way player in the nba.
Ryan Nyikadzino
Ryan Nyikadzino Күн мурун
Chris Broussard is the most likeable nba analyst ever
Cristian G
Cristian G Күн мурун
nick in dreamland again
Taylor Quiroz
Taylor Quiroz Күн мурун
All yall need to get off brandon like fr joy taylor has the same views as him and yall not bashing her let me guess why cuz yall have a crush on her which yall will never ever ever get a chance to be with get over yall selfs about brandon
Ethan Friedman
Ethan Friedman Күн мурун
Nick gives lebron credit for drafting Jokic and Luka because he "could" win MVP, but Joel is first in the race RN and he just brushes over it.
Sam Shoemaker
Sam Shoemaker Күн мурун
I root for Brandon because I want people to succeed, but he gets so lost mid take and it doesn’t improve.
Rojelio Castro
Rojelio Castro Күн мурун
Bron would have to go back to being LeThanos for them to make it out the West without AD